Meet Kermit & Jean Hainley


“I come from a military family. I liked the military. I planned on staying in the Air Force but just before signing the re-enlistment papers, God told me that was not what He had for me. So, I went to college, earned a degree in Sociology and while we lived in California, I worked in a Juvenile Detention Facility with hardcore delinquents.

I came home one day after attending court case where a young kid, only fourteen years old, was sent to prison for stabbing a woman forty-seven times as a result of a silly argument and said to Jean, ‘That’s it. Either I am going to become a plumber’s helper or I need to do something more proactive for these young kids.’ I had enough. There had to be more we could do. We started praying, making plans and was directed by the Lord to return to Michigan.

The first year in Michigan was difficult. I was a “stay-at-home dad” before it was common while Jean worked to financially support our family. During this time of waiting, I led a Bible study for youth and pastored a church. We became foster parents and opened our doors to a few more children. But God had a bigger dream.”

Leap ahead a couple of years – God established the now named Eagle Village Inc; a private, non-profit, organization assisting in foster care, adoption, family rebuilding, counseling, leadership & life skills training and much more.

For Kermit and Jean, it all began with the heartache toward one fourteen-year-old in California and a promise from God. Now Eagle Village has six houses dedicated to proactively equipping children and families to properly handle life’s challenges. They can tell you how they endured & overcame many hurdles during their trek, how God placed the right people in their lives at the right time and endless stories of miracles throughout the journey. But in the end, they will ultimately tell you how humbled and blessed they have been to be used in this adventure by God to impact the lives of others.

If you are interested in more information about Eagle Village Inc, please click on this link:

Also, Kermit writes a fascinating blog on Scripture and Biblical prophecy. Check it out at

3 thoughts on “Meet Kermit & Jean Hainley

    1. Hi Tim and Therese,
      I am well! How are you? I did not get the opportunity to get back up North with extra time. I wish we could have connected more. I will be heading out of Israel soon since my visa will expire in mid-January.


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