The Vision

It started before I knew it existed. I cannot pin point the exact moment I recognized its presence. In some ways, it has just always  . . . been. In the words of Prince Ea, “I did not have the dream, the dream had me.”

I wish I could adequately share the miraculous aligning of fine details that has brought me to this place but it would take pages upon pages. So, I will tell my story as simply as I can.

November 2014, church worship service: I heard the Lord say to me, “You already know I have created you to be a risk taker. You know I have called you to the world. It is time to get ready. Start purging. I am calling you out.” About a minute later, my mom placed her hand on my shoulder and squeezed. As I looked out of the corner of my eye at her, I noticed a couple tears rolling down her cheeks. As we embraced a few moments later, I whispered in her ear, “What did God say to you?” She pushed me back an arms length away with eyes wide and said, “He said your time is coming so get ready. Start purging.  He is calling you out.” And that ladies and gentlemen, began this journey of being called to the world.

IMG_20150507_050339 - Copy

Here is what I know: I am called to be a risk taker. I am called to the world. And my time is now. But the truth is, it is not my journey to take alone. This is much greater than me. Come with me as we discover together just how big and mighty God really is.


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