About Me

Ten years ago, I walked away from what I thought I knew about God. I walked away from what I was taught. I walked away from preconceptions. I decided to start the journey over. I decided to trek with God with one request: “Show me who You really are.” The quest continues. The journey is ongoing.

The Bible is chock full of those who walked after God, many on the wildest of adventures. This is the stuff good movies are made of! If these seemingly average people were chosen to accomplish mighty things, then what about me? What about you? Can we also know God’s character and be used in extraordinary ways?

In Mark 10:27, Jesus said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God.” I am seeking the miraculous. I believe all things are possible and nothing is impossible with God. I am a dreamer on the greatest of adventures. I want to see just how mighty God really is. Who is He? Can we know Him? Can we find God today in our personal lives and circumstances? What can we learn as we hike the peaks, valleys and curves of this life?

I started this adventure with an unknown ending. I will continue until it is complete. This journey is so much greater than just me. You are invited to come along too. Come with me as we look for miracles in the most unexpected places. Come with me as we uncover the life we are meant to live. Come with me as we discover how awesome God is.

Just come.