What Do You Travel For?

“We each travel for different reasons. I travel for the food, Brett travels for the beer and Chern travels for the photography. We all like to eat, drink beer and take photos but each of us is passionate about a different focus. So we go out for a good, local meal and I do most of the cooking at the hostels. Brett picks out different beers for us to try and Chern looks to capture the perfect, creative photo. We take time to enjoy each other’s interests. It’s a great combination!”

(L-R) : Don, Chern & Brett From Melbourne, Australia

New friends who cross your path along the way.



2 thoughts on “What Do You Travel For?

  1. New friends! So fun!!! That’s probably my favorite thing about traveling, whether it’s across the country, or to Walmart, I love the people! I’ve had many a conversation in the cereal aisle. 🙂


  2. Who says that three can’t get along together? They seem to have a complementary relationship with each other. How great that they know and understand each other and appreciate each others gifts and passions!


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