Prayer #2 Answered

A couple of posts back, I requested prayer for two items.

  1. Prayer already answered: Direction for my next step in travel as my hoped plan had fallen through. I am on my second full day at a beautiful hostel/campground just outside Rome. This hostel does not have a maximum amount of time to stay so I can spend a full two weeks here without having to move around.
  2. PRAYER ANSWERED!: My six month old computer had started shutting down after only twenty minutes of use when not plugged in. I have not changed my behavior and now it is lasting for the full 2-3 hours without being plugged in! I am chalking that up to a miracle!!

Okay seriously Tara, you are counting that as a “miracle”? Perhaps you are getting a little carried away. I mean come on, don’t you think God has other things to spend His time on than a computer?

In getting ready for this trip, one thing that has stuck out to me is God is a God of the details.

  • He spoke the same message separately to my mom and me about this journey within minutes of each other…without the other knowing.
  • He placed a book called, The Risk Factor: Crossing the Chicken Line Into Your Supernatural Destiny, in my life at just right time when I was debating how and where to start this trek. The book talks EXACTLY about being called to risk it all to trek the world. I read it by accident, simply because it was the oldest book in my Kindle; I had downloaded it over year prior to reading.  When I started reading it, I could not see the full title on my Kindle and could not remember what it was about. I honestly thought it was probably a mystery novel from what I could see of the title.
  • He brought a great roommate at just the right time to help each other save money. He brought a great roommate who was willing to take over the lease when I left so I did not have to find someone to sublease the place. He brought a great roommate who wanted to buy about half of my belongings when I left so minimal moving was required.
  • Several years earlier, He brought me a wonderful friend who was dreaming of her own life change. We were able dream and talk together about these similar and yet so different dreams. “Conveniently,” our life changes came less than two weeks apart of each other. This allowed us to literally change together – like having a thrift sale together to sell nearly everything we owned, helping each other pack, praying and crying together as we knew the dreams and promises were coming to fruition.
  • I saved money for over a year. When I reached my personal goal in February, He nearly doubled it in just a week’s time.
  • He started bringing my awareness to people in my life who have already taken dramatic life changing risk by just going for it. I was able to ask some of you all sorts of random questions on the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of your journey. Thank you for the willingness to answer my questions even if they seemed simple and logical.
  • He led me to the perfect backpack. While it is a small detail, it really is an important one. I have to live out of this bag for maybe a year. It has to fit. It has to hold what I need it to hold. I have to LOVE it. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the one. I still LOVE it.

I could go on and on. Aside from maybe the money, none of them stand out on their own as HUGE miracles. Each one is a small detail. Does God care about them? I believe so. The small details add up to His BIG miracles.

Thank you for your continued prayer and encouragement on the BIG and the small details of this journey. I do not know where all of this is leading but I trust the One who does. I can not express my gratitude enough as you journey with me.


**Current travel plan: Stay at this hostel in Rome until Aug 29. My dear friend, Lisa, arrives in Rome on the 29th and together we will backpack around Southern Italy. (All travel plans are subject to change as God sees fit.)

3 thoughts on “Prayer #2 Answered

  1. Tara, what a great journal of the prayers God has answered, is in the process of answering and of prayers requested knowing that He will be answering at some point in time. This is such a great time to rest, reflect and plan ahead, I’m so glad that you have found your home for 2 weeks. Love you!


  2. Praise. The. Lord. For all of it. Every huge thing, and every detail. He cares about it all, and He wants to show us His love with those small things. I see it this way–I know my grandma loves me, I know my parents love me, I know my husband loves me, and I know God loves me, but wow do I KNOW they love me when they do those small things, when they care about the details….when I get a special surprise necklace, a sweet card, or an encouraging hug. I agree with you, and fully believe that God cares about the details—that’s where He shows us His specific, intimate, intricate love for us personally. It’s where the heart of the relationship is. And it’s beautiful.

    I am so glad that your computer is working again!! I love you!


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