Iceland Challenges

Well, there are a few things I was not prepared for when I planned to blog in Iceland.

1. We are traveling around in a minivan which doubles to a camper with a large mattress taking up the entire back. While there is hotspot WiFi included in the vehucle, it is difficult to sit with a laptop in the passenger seat while going past spectacular scenery.


2. The laptop demands more WiFi than our hotspot can easily produce so it gets “stuck” quite a bit.

3. Towns are extremely small. Many businesses offer WiFi but we really haven’t been stopping in a town long enough to take full advantage of it.

4. I have no outlet available for my computer to recharge. My phone is easy enough to use a USB adapter in the van but not for my laptop. I have been very choosey to use the battery.

I will do my darnedest to keep up with the blog via phone until I can have better access with my laptop. Please forgive me for any typos. 😃

For now, please enjoy some photos of Iceland:

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