New Beginnings with Beautiful Endings

This afternoon I have been clumsily picking away at this blogsite, trying to make sense of the various layout options and navigation tools.  I hate these learning curves. But isn’t that what new beginnings are all about? Learning curves.

My endings are beautiful because now I “get it”. I can look back in all of my wisdom filled hindsight and laugh at my silly self who stressed over seemingly small things. They look so simple compared to the growing mountain standing in front of me. But those small things were once a mountain too, weren’t they?  We struggled, we fought, we cried, we yelled, we overcame, we conquered and now we laugh. How beautiful.

As one chapter ends and another begins, I hope to remember looking ahead that the upcoming tears will turn into laughter . . . including learning to navigate this blog.

One thought on “New Beginnings with Beautiful Endings

  1. Best of luck in your new adventures Tara! I’m so excited to see where God takes you! You are a blessing and have been blessed with the ably and support to reach out of your comfort zone. Love you girl!


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