Prayer Answered

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me regarding my previous requests for accommodations and my computer. I also appreciate the comments and feedback on the blog, you are encouraging! I have not had a chance to look at my computer (currently typing on my phone) since the last remark about it but I will keep you updated as to its behavior.

As for the accommodations, although the last place fell through I still felt the need to come to Rome and take some downtime. One of my friends sent me a message that said, “We are afraid you are going thru countries too rapidly, afraid you will run out of them!” I was feeling it too. Not that I would run out of countries but that I would run out of steam! Many hostels have a maximum amount of days to stay – I’ve been seeing mostly 7-10 max. I have no interest in coming to a city and then having to switch hostels a couple of times within my stay. So I got back online and stumbled upon Tiber Hostel and Campground. It’s located just a few miles outside of City Centre. They have a campground as well as bed rentals. I was able to stay for the full 2 weeks! On site, they have a restaurant, bar, market, laundry and swimming pool which is very welcomed this time of year when temps are pushing 90°+ and high humidity. A few inconveniences exist like lack of kitchen, refrigeration is at the front desk, showers are a bit of a walk and laundry prices seem a little steep but all in all, I am hoping for an opportunity to relax and enjoy Rome without running around like a mad woman.


I will go back to talk about my time in Luxembourg and Holland but for now wanted you to know your prayers were answered for the new step request!


Thanks for taking this journey with me!

6 thoughts on “Prayer Answered

  1. Three recommendations for Rome that you might not do without a recommendation…

    Have a Tartuffo at Tre Scalini in the Piazza Navonna (my favorite square): ‘The “Truffle” is a sweet pure chocolate ice cream that has the taste and charm of things of the past. The “Truffle” is a sweet classic Roman dish and Italian and was invented at Tre Scalini and this is now known everywhere as the “Truffle” Tre Scalini.’

    Go see the breathtaking St Peter in Chains off Via Cavour (San Pietro in Vincoli ).

    Walk the Holy Stairs (or watch the pilgrims crawl up on their knees) near St John the Lateran Basilicca. (Scala Santa).


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    1. Today I am sitting down to plan out some of my city visit. I will try to incorporate these in my plan. I will pretend you are with me gazing on the sites and enjoying “The Truffle” with me!


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